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Our live events are completed, but it's not too late to attend. You can access the same great learning and eligible CE credits offered by the 2020 CALU Webinar program via our on-demand recordings. Simply register for a bundle or the individual sessions of your choice and view them at

Note: CE credits for our on-demand webinars are not available from La Chambre de la sécurité financière.

2020 CALU Webinar Program – Guest Pricing

The 2020 CALU Webinar Program offers high-quality content developed specifically for CALU members. Our webinars provide deep dives into advanced planning solutions in life insurance, wealth creation and management, living benefits, employee benefits, and more.

The guest bundle includes the full program of live webinars and recordings. We are applying for CE credits for attending either live or recorded webinars

*Please note, that to obtain La Chambre CE credits for webinars you must attend the live webinar. La Chambre CE credits will not be given for on-demand webinars.

Pricing is as follows:

Guest Webinar Bundle – full webinar program (19 sessions) for $749.00 plus tax
Individual webinars - $125 (1 hr) or $185 (1.5 hrs)

Refer to the tabs below to see summary webinar descriptions or download the webinar descriptions here.

Please note: “Breathing Life Into Your Living Benefits Sales” is not available on demand.

2020 Guest Webinar Program

  • August 26, 2020 - June 1, 2021
  • Via Zoom/On Demand

Event Workshops

IPPs: Who Is The Strategy Appropriate For?

August 26, 2020  13:00 - 14:00
Fee: $125.00
Seats Remaining:500

IPPs are receiving a considerable amount of attention given the 2017 tax changes affecting small businesses. The Boomer generation that founded many of Canada’s small businesses are now wanting to ensure that they will have adequate retirement incomes and are seeking tax-effective solutions in this area.

IPPs have also evolved since 1991, and more recent design features will be covered (e.g, hybrid plans). Participants will leave this workshop with an ability to identify the appropriate candidates for an IPP. There will be an overview of the key provisions of the tax rules, followed by case studies illustrating who the ideal candidates are.

Technical Case Study Advanced

The CALU Value Of Advice Research Project With BEworks: Applying The Research To Your Practice

September 2, 2020  13:00 - 14:30
Fee: $185.00
Seats Remaining:500

BEworks specializes in Behavioral Economics and has just completed a comprehensive behavioural research project on behalf of CALU on articulating the value of working with an advisor.

This session will feature BEworks CEO Kelly Peters as she shares the findings of our research and how it can be applied to your business.

The session will include an intensive one-hour training session on how to use the research results in your practice.

The Future Of Long-Term Care In Canada: Time To Act!

September 16, 2020  14:15 - 15:15
Fee: $125.00
Seats Remaining:500

This session will deliver an eye-opening review of the findings produced by the National Institute of Aging report supporting the immediate need for more consideration of long-term care and living protection. Dr. Sinha will discuss the current provision of long-term care across Canada and place it within the global context of comparable countries.

He will highlight current challenges, present evidence-informed opportunities, and discuss innovation in these growing and important areas of care. We will address opportunities and solutions to use this information in your practice and in living planning, for individuals and small businesses. You will leave this session with an increased appreciation for the importance of planning for living years.

Practical Intermediate

The New Philanthropy

September 30, 2020  13:00 - 14:30
Fee: $185.00
Seats Remaining:500

Mark Halpern will explain how he helps clients convert tax dollars to generous charitable gifts using insurance strategies that eliminate or mitigate tax liabilities and enhance final estate values, creating enduring legacies. 

Professional advisors and other estate planning professionals are the gatekeepers of client wealth. When it comes to philanthropy, we share a unique obligation and opportunity to help clients and the charitable causes they care about. 


Future Proofing The Employee Benefits Practice

October 7, 2020  13:00 - 14:00
Fee: $125.00
Seats Remaining:499

Employee Benefits is a vast umbrella that continues to evolve and expand, and growing an EB practice in a mature domestic market can be easier than you think. The domestic Life & Health market grows less than 3%. A business needs organic growth to drive business investment and 3% will not cut it.

This workshop will explore how an adjustment in business focus to include Group Retirement is reshaping all aspects of the EB practice. 

Practical Case Study Intermediate

Pundits Panel - An Encore Presentation

October 14, 2020  13:00 - 14:30
Fee: $185.00
Seats Remaining:500

Join Althia Raj of HuffPost Canada, Joel-Denis Bellavance of La Presse and Nik Nanos of Nanos Research to discuss today's hottest topics.

Practical Side Of Insurance Planning Strategies

October 21, 2020  13:00 - 14:00
Fee: $125.00
Seats Remaining:500

This workshop will review selected insurance planning strategies, such as shared ownership structures and offshore insurance policies, from a tax audit and compliance perspective.

The speakers will focus on tax issues involving shared ownership, including valuations of its various components and other compliance/audit risks, understanding the CRA and its approach to certain life insurance strategies, and on how off-shore insurance has emerged, its suitability and related compliance and audit risk.

Participants will get practical advice on how to manage life insurance strategies from a tax risk viewpoint, with comments about staying within the boundaries of acceptable planning, and what strays beyond the boundaries.

Technical Advanced

Strategies To Consider During The Economic Downturn

October 28, 2020  13:00 - 14:15
Fee: $125.00
Seats Remaining:500

The recent economic downturn has significantly impacted the income, wealth and retirement plans of many Canadians.  However, amidst the financial gloom there are opportunities for CALU members to provide valued guidance and advice to clients on how to properly position their tax and estate planning affairs for the expected recovery.  In this webinar the panelists will discuss several planning strategies using real life examples.

Battling Complexity With Expertise

November 18, 2020  13:00 - 14:30
Fee: $185.00
Seats Remaining:500

In this session designed primarily for Associate members, a panel of tax and estate planning experts will provide their insights relating to recent planning files involving unique and complex issues. Attendees will be invited to ask questions and add their own insights. 

Time permitting, attendees will also have the chance to ask questions relating to hypothetical client situations and receive advice from the experts and fellow members. We expect this to be an enlightening, interactive and quite possibly entertaining workshop that should not be missed!